MP3 Friday

The gods have blessed us with yet another MP3 Friday, which means that yours truly had to go out and actually find the little buggers.

Honestly, there really aren’t that many talented bands out there. Maybe five. At some point, I’m going to hope you haven’t heard of Big Star so I can pass them off as “new”.

Don’t get me wrong. I like doing MP3 Friday. But, man, the work that goes into it: all that sitting on your ass and smoking cigarettes and drinking beers and then you add listening to music on top of that – well, it’s tough, man.

But, as usual, we have three caveats here on MP3 Friday.
  • There are some bands and record labels – hacks mostly – who think mp3’s are like cameras and will steal their souls. If that sounds like you – and if it is, then you’ve probably got your urine up on the shelf in jars – then I’ll remove the links.
  • The second is that these are merely links to mp3’s. I don’t host them here and so if you’re late to the game, then I guess the Nintendo kids are going to be pointing at the Atari kids and laughing.
  • The third is that I’m a poseur and download singles because I ain’t got the money for the mortgage on the cow let alone a whole friggin’ album. Thus, I vouch for the song and only the song. The album could be honeydew melon for all I know, but honeydew melon costs money, sugar. And I ain’t gots.
Well, that’s about it. Enjoy.

Casting Agents and Cowgirls
Don’t let the black people catch you bopping up and down to this song. They have enough on us as is without you making us look like a bunch of jackasses.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Sure, you’ve heard this ditty from the “Nut Cracker Suite” a thousand million billion times before. But have you ever heard a 40-second clip of it played on bicycle parts? I thought not. (Syd Barrett would definitely approve.)

Muscles ‘n’ Flo
When I listen to this song, all i can think of is the German-sounding Plutonian from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", holding his "baggie" and asking Frylock, “Are you cool?” It may not seem obvious at first, but just let it go ...

A Visit from Drum
Best not to go on a coke binge prior to listening to this band’s brand of primal drumming and paranoia. Afterwards, sure.

Love is Stronger Than Witchcraft
Songs like this used to flood the Top 40. What the fuck happened?

This group disbanded in 1983 and reformed twenty years later and did what “Phantom Menace”, “Superman III”, and “Hamlet II: Panama City” couldn’t: Not suck. (And, by the way, this song is a candidate for cranking it up to 11).

And I strongly, STRONGLY suggest you take a gander at Gorilla vs. Bear’s Top 5 re-issues of the year. Eclectic, but will satisfy that early ‘70s sweet tooth you might have.

Today’s lesson: Thank you to the many mp3 bloggers who, unbeknownst to them, are making me look like King Shit:
  • Music for Maniacs
  • You ain’t no Picasso
  • FoeWeel !!! ???
  • gorilla vs. bear
  • aquarium drunkard
Thanks and have a great weekend.

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