A shit museum ?

The first permanent exhibition dedicated to this inescapable part of human and animal existence was opened in 2016 on the Isle of Wight, located off the south coast of England.
The National Museum of the Poo exhibits all kinds of feces: from the baby to the lion, a pigeon, a fox, a meerkat, an elk ... And even shows fossilized poop of reptiles with millions of years. All of them are stored encapsulated in resin spheres.

The museum is located in the zoo of the island, and at the time of its inauguration, instead of the usual decorative red ribbon, cut a roll of toilet paper. Very appropriate. Naturally, inside the enclosure, the souvenir shop is not lacking, in which you can buy plastic replicas of different types of poop and other scatological objects.

The presentation text on the website of the museum synthesizes its philosophy very well, evoking how important the poop is, how it delights the youngest of the house and how the rejection and silence about it is already learned as adults.

Remember, moreover, that recent research has shown how important these intestinal bacteria can be for medical advances that go daily through the pipes and sewers of our towns and cities. Topics like this -continues the text- are those that the museum wants to explore, as well as "examine our relationship with the poop and change forever our way of thinking about this amazing substance."

In Italy there is the Museo da Merda

But this is not the only museum in the world that has as its protagonist animal defecations. In 2015 it opened its doors, in the medieval Italian castle of Castelbosco, located about 100 kilometers from Milan, the Museu da Merda ('museum of shit').

After its opening is an agricultural entrepreneur named Gianantonio Locatelli, who wanted to give some kind of ecological, productive and cultural use to the excrement generated by his 3,500 milk producing cows used to make Gradano Padano cheese, which generate tons of manure per year . Among the many applications he has found, is to convert these feces into biogas, which is used to generate energy -including the one required by the heating system of its facilities-. Also, it uses them to produce fertilizer.

And it also gives these waste a somewhat more eccentric use: it has created a museum that displays photographs, paintings and also illustrations inspired by this eschatological theme or even made with paints made with excrement, as in the case of the works of Roberto Coda Zabetta , who used a mixture of manure, pigments and resins to carry out his works.

Also, in the museum is highlighted other benefits of manure: as throughout history has been used medicinally (in combination with plants) or even as construction material.

What is the Pastafarianism or religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

In the year 2005, an American physicist named Bobby Henderson wrote a letter to the Kansas State Board of Education requesting that schools teach the precepts of pastafarism or religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which advocates that the world was created by a kind of giant ball of spaghetti with meatballs.

It was not a practical joke, but a very original way to protest the Council's decision to allow the teaching of intelligent design in Kansas schools. And, although in the USA you can not teach religion in public schools, in many states this theory is taught, which is nothing more than a covert form of creationism that denies the theory of evolution and defends that the world was designed by an intelligent being superior to us.

In his famous letter, the founder of pastafarism wondered why, just as there is time in the classroom to talk about intelligent design, there was not a space dedicated to the Flying Spaghetti Monster (MEV), a superior entity that created the world about 5,000 years ago in a state of intoxication. The MEV also introduced some modifications in his work to make it appear that the world is much older than it really is and put the faith of his followers to the test. "Our Noodle Maker then put fossils, hidden under the surface of the earth, knowing that they would be found later and that this would seem to show that these creatures existed for quite some time. The bones of dinosaurs, for example, were located so well and in such numbers that it is widely believed that dinosaurs walked on the earth millions of years ago, "explains the web of pastafaris in Spain.

Another argument of pastafarismo refers to the relationship between pirates and global warming. Henderson included a messy chart in his chart that showed a perfect correlation between the increase in temperatures and the decline in the number of pirates in the world. It was another ironic criticism of those who argue that the number of natural catastrophes has increased as society has become more secular and religious values ​​have been lost. The issue of pirates has become another pillar of the pastafari world, for them it would be divine beings, and on September 19 International Day of Speaking as Pirates was proclaimed.

This original critique of the expansionism of creationism in American schools became very popular, and people from all over the world declared themselves to be devoted devotees of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarismo has its own gospels, a symbol of the cross with a fork to eat spaghetti and even their own prayers, which always end with the word "Ramen" (a Japanese noodle soup).

Another symbol that identifies the devotees of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is to take a pasta strainer to the head. In some countries, such as Australia, it has been possible for the pastafaris to appear with this unique outfit in the driving license photograph. Again, it is not a trivial matter, because the pastafaris argue that it is an option as valid as the veil of Muslim women or the habit of Catholic nuns.

The definitive joystick

I bet that more than one reader would like very much to play some games with this joystick: P

Annoying ghost

Last night I dreamed, as it has happened before, that I was dying.
But in spite of being dead I was still there, bothering, even though nobody saw me.

Apparently my ghost was worried about what they would do with my clothes.
It could be thought that a spirit would have more important things to deal with, but no.
I was very worried that they would give it to someone who does not have my sympathies, and I remember that I thought "anyone but that".
So dead but pretentious, I protested without anyone hearing my complaints about how unhappy the election was.
Fortunately, in the middle of my complaints I woke up, which certainly brought me great relief.

But well, my relatives are warned ... eye to choose, that apparently my eternal rest depends on a good dose of who uses my suits.

"If sons of bitches flew, we would not see the sunlight."

I do not know whose phrase it is, it does not matter too much.
Today I read it and it became more certain than other times, that's all.

My hamster

This is Falafel; I bought him from a pet shop, and I don't trust these people to be able to tell boys and girls apart. I chose a unisex sort of name on purpose, but this little fella was in a cage marked 'Female Syrian Hamsters'. Later, when I saw him carefully licking what were definitely male naughty bits, I realised that my lack of confidence was totally

I combed his fur with a toothbrush before taking the photo (not the same one that I use to clean my teeth, I hasten to add), so he looks all neat and smart for the camera. He was very well behaved while I did this; Herbert would not have tolerated this kind of treatment in a million years, so it was just as well that she had short hair.

(By the way, for any readers not familiar with my hamsters, Herbert was a female hamster sold to me as a male. I wonder if pet shop staff know where babies come from ...)


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