False eyelashes on the nose, the new fashion trend

A blogger received a shower of criticism after jokingly posting a video about this new and bizarre fashion.

The trend came with a message from an Instagram user who shared an image of her using false eyelashes that came out of her nose, calling them "hair extensions on her nose." As he says, he did it as part of a joke, but it seems to have captured the imagination of some people online.

Of course, many instagramers have taken advantage of nose hair extensions to prepare their costume for Halloween. Like a beauty blogger who pointed out that the long hair on the nose makes it look like they have spiders or cockroaches crawling from inside the nostrils towards their face.

A blogger received a shower of criticism after jokingly published a video about a new and bizarre "trend of beauty. Sophie Hannah Richardson showed her fans an unusual way to use fake eyelashes after reading the new fashion of nose extensions.

You can watch the video here.

The 27-year-old thought the tutorial would be a light joke, but some viewers were so horrified that they criticized her through comments under the Facebook video. They called Sophie "disgusting" and even "offensive" after posting the fun 18-second clip. "I thought it was ridiculous," the blogger told Mirror Online. «I saw an article about how the nose hairs were the new trend. I had not seen any video tutorial so I just thought 'why not? ».

Sophie quit her job on social media last year to become a full-time beauty blogger and has been making videos for three years. He has more than 90,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and his personal blog. "The reaction I receive is mostly positive," he said.