Merry Christmas from JFK

Greetings from the trailer park and lawn chairs that are the boarding terminal for Gate 19 for Jet Blue. The airline's official terminal will be completed sometime soon, they tell us, but until then, it's like waiting to see whether your application for asylum will be approved.

HJ, as you may well have guessed, is on Christmas vacation and, as such, will be posting somewhat less frequently over the course of the following week. There will be the odd post detailing the aggravating circumstances surrounding buying Christmas presents for about 20-plus relatives on a budget and one about the amount of salty Virginal ham I will eat on Christmas Day. But the regular saturation bombing of my life via this column (through which you no doubt live vicariously) will not resume until sometime next Thursday.

Until then, enjoy Christmas or any of the many varieties of Channa-Hanna-Upsilon-ikah.

Take care,

Today's lesson: Oh, also a greetings to our Islamic terrorist buddies who've made the nightmare no longer the flight but every liquid and shoe-removal leading up to departure. I'm also going to blame you for the death of the Hot Stewardess and her replacement by flunkouts of gay hairdresser school.

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