MP3 Friday: bears, Jews, and champagne

The end of the year means many things to many people. For the champagne industry, (whom I’ve always suspected of inventing “New Year’s”) it’s a boondoggle. For the Jews, it’s a time to keep your head down and not make any sudden moves.

(Incidentally, if you ever read the Jewish book “How to Defend Yourself During Christmas” and the Wilderness Guide “How to Defend Yourself During a Bear Attack” you’ll notice some striking similarities: For instance, Christians can climb trees, too. So, Jews, your best bet in case a Christian attacks is to scare it off by making a lot of noise -- say, about a lawsuit.)

The end of the year also means that this will be the last MP3 Friday until after the “New Year” (© Korbel). The dearth of records -- plus a week of presents and salty, salty Virginia ham -- will put a serious crimp in my duties as hunter/listener.

I hope you can survive.

Now, before we go on, let’s go over the rules:
  • No touching. No chewing.
  • No sweat if you’re the artist and you'd like the free link to come down .
  • No guarantees how long these mp3’s will be up.
  • And, finally, No Way have I listened to the albums, because No Way do I have the money to do that.
Got it? Good.

Now, shake hands, and let’s have a clean fight.

Kick out the Chairs (replayed by WhoMadeWho)
Whatever the opposite of Perry Como is, this song’s got it.

Warmest Part of the Winter
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; Some Pot Grows in Texas. And all the while these Austin boys keeps chuggin’ along.

Afroman is Coming to Town
This track comes from (Mr.?) Afroman’s “A Colt .45 Christmas”. And I think that’s all I need to say.

Steady as She Goes (acoustic)
Not everything Jack White touches turns to gold. Sometimes it only turns to silver. And boo-hoo for you because silver doesn’t match the dress you were planning to wear to the ball.

Postal Fish
I can’t see you personally, and yet I know what you’re thinking; “Albert Hammond, Jr? The Stroke? Have you lost it, HJ?” And, look, I’m just as surprised as you. But the song is short; it chugs along; and it hits the 17-year-old in all of us. And in a pass/fail world, I give it a pass.

Today’s lesson: Allow me to recognize the following blogs for the Re-Education of Hot Johnny:
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The Hype Machine
Thanks again. Be safe. And take care, Jewish People.

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