Trent Lott spies with his little eye

Have you ever watched a wedding like it was a plane about to crash and you were a psychic? You know: You wanna stand up and yell, “For Godsakes don’t get on board!” – only, it’s too late and, in the case of the wedding, the only thing to do now is to place bets with your friends and see if you can make some money on the “when” part?

Because that’s what I see when I look at the new Republican leadership in the Senate: You have Mitch McConnell, the party’s new head-strong leader and his No. 2, Trent Lott, the party’s former head-strong leader, who’s shocked – shocked!, I say – that people think he would want back his old position.

And, frankly, I agree: I mean, just because you stalk Jodie Foster, doesn’t mean you like Jodie Foster.

Today’s lesson: That’s right, Trent: I’m talking to you. You’re the only one around here: So I must be talkin’ to you.

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