Remainders of the morning

Here’s the last bit of ha-ha that one overnight shift at The Job hath wrought:
  • Anyone want to join a club I’m forming? I have no idea what in the holy hell its focus will be, but I have a name and that’s the other half of the battle.
  • Our club will be called ULTRA MEGA FORCE! but our enemy … is MEGA ULTRA FORCE!. And we’ll often forget which club we are, thereby keeping our society a monkey-trap of a secret.
  • A favorite new musician of mine is this guy, Paul Duncan: honestly, he’s the best thing since that wheel that could slice bread. Try this song on for size:

So Sick of the Sun

Today’s lesson: “Moby,” my upstairs neighbor, is probably going to start the Theremin or whatever the hell it is he’s got up there about an hour after I get home. What a joy.

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